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APIs from the International Trade Administration

The International Trade Administration (ITA) provides Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as JSON endpoints for authoritative information on U.S. exporting and international trade. ITA continually updates the APIs so check this portal often. Please provide feedback to help improve the APIs and to recommend new data sets.

Endpoints for the Documentation and for Exploring the Data

Below is the list of all available APIs that ITA provides. Documentation for each endpoint is published as HTML pages and as JSON endpoints through Swagger.

ITA has also developed simple search apps designed to help our data customers easily explore the data that’s available at each endpoint. Developers can also use the code for these demo apps as building-blocks for their own search applications. The code uses the Ember JavaScript framework and can be found on ITA’s GitHub repo.

Finally, ITA provides widgets for several of its APIs. They make it as easy as possible to put a search engine for several of our APIs on your web page. Simply follow the instructions to embed the code, and to change the look and feel to match your site.

Endpoint HTML Documentation JSON Documentation Explore the Data Widget Code
All endpoints JSON N/A N/A
Consolidated Screening List JSON Explore Code
Trade Events JSON Explore Code
Trade Leads JSON Explore Code
FTA Tariff Rates JSON Explore N/A
FAQs on Exporting JSON Explore N/A
ITA Offices & Centers JSON Explore Code
Zip Code to USEAC JSON Explore Code
Business Service Providers JSON Explore N/A
ITA Taxonomies JSON Explore N/A
De Minimis JSON Explore N/A
Market Intelligence JSON Explore N/A