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ITA Offices & Centers API

The ITA Offices & Centers API provides contact and address information for all of ITA’s domestic and international export assistance centers. There are almost 200 ITA centers worldwide whose locations are managed by ITA’s internal office management system.

The output format for this API is JSON. This data set is updated weekly.

ITA centers are often collocated with offices from the State Department or other trade agencies. Therefore, the addresses change with some regularity. You can be confident that when you use this resource to help your customers it will be accurate.

The API provides methods for accessing the city, state, and country for each export assistance center. This enables you to use the listing of ITA centers to augment a directory of business counseling services. publishes the ITA centers alongside Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs), SBA District Offices, and Women’s Business Centers.

Resource URL

Search Parameters for ITA Office Locations


Returns office locations for a match within the post or office name fields.{your key}&q={keyword}



Returns office locations based on city name{your key}&city={name of city}



Returns office locations for a specific country based on ISO alpha-2 country codes. This method allows you to search for multiple countries (plural) separated by commas but will only return one country (singular) per office location.{your key}&countries={country codes}



Returns locations for export assistance centers located in a specific U.S. State or Dependent Area.{your key}&state={state postal code abbreviation>}


size + offset

The size parameter allows you to configure the number of results to be returned up to a maximum of 100. The offset parameter defines the offset from the first result you want to fetch. Unless specified the API returns 10 results at a time.{your key}&size={1 to 100}&offset={1 to n}



Last Updated and Last Imported

Recency information about each source queried is given in sources_used in the following fields:

Field Description
source The name of the issuing agency.
source_last_updated The most recent date and time the data changed.
last_imported The most recent date and time the data was imported.

The source_last_updated field reflects the most recent date and time we noticed that the issuing agency had updated the data. We check for updates and import lists at the same time weekly.

Search Performed At

The search_performed_at field displays the date and time of the current search in UTC.

Return Values

Field Description
id Unique identifier for post.
post Name of the post (default sort).
office_name Office name.
country Country.
state State abbreviation, for domestic offices.
city City.
address Street address of office.
email Office email address.
fax Fax number.
mail_instructions Snail mail instructions.
phone Office phone number.
post_type Type of post (domestic or international).