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ITA Taxonomies API

The ITA Taxonomies API gives developers direct access to the exporting, trade, and investment terms that ITA uses to tag the content and data in its other APIs. Currently, ITA has three taxonomies: Geographic Regions, Industries, and Topics. This API includes all terms in their proper hierarchy in the relevant taxonomy.

ITA imports data for its other APIs from many sources. If the source data is already tagged, ITA does the following:

  • Imports those tags (terms) along with the data
  • Maps the terms to ITA’s taxonomies
  • Publishes both the original terms and the ITA terms with the data in the API.

The output format for this API is JSON. This data set is updated hourly.

Having an established taxonomy enables developers to quickly search for particular content and data. ITA tags content and data at the lowest, reasonable level of detail.

ITA reviews and upgrades its taxonomies on a regular basis to ensure it reflects the content and data accurately. As such, developers can be assured that when they perform a query on a particular term they will receive only the results that are relevant to that term.

Use this API to populate drop downs, picklists, or a faceted navigation in your software. You can also use this API to populate your own trade terms.

Resource URL

Search Parameters for ITA Taxonomies


Returns taxonomy terms for a match within the label field.{your key}&q={keyword}



Returns terms that fall under the given high-level taxonomy types. Enter multiple values separated by commas. The possible values are Industries, Topics, Countries, Trade Regions, and World Regions.{your key}&types={value1,value2}



Returns terms based on exact matching of the label field. Enter multiple values separated by commas.{your key}&labels={value1,value2}


size + offset{your key}&size={1 to 100}&offset={1 to n}

The size parameter allows you to configure the number of results to be returned up to a maximum of 100. The offset parameter defines the offset from the first result you want to fetch. Unless specified the API returns 10 results at a time.



Last Updated and Last Imported

Recency information about each source queried is given in sources_used in the following fields:

Field Description
source The name of the issuing agency.
source_last_updated The most recent date and time the data changed.
last_imported The most recent date and time the data was imported.

The source_last_updated field reflects the most recent date and time we noticed that the issuing agency had updated the data. We check for updates and import lists hourly.

Search Performed At

The search_performed_at field displays the date and time of the current search in UTC.

Return Values

Field Description
id The id assigned to the term.
label The name of the given taxonomy term.
type The high level taxonomy type under which the given term belongs.
sub_class_of An array containing hashes with the id and label of each parent term.
annotations A hash containing key/value pairs of annotation properties.
datatype_properties A hash containing key/array pairs of datatype properties. Each array contains id/label hashes.
object_properties A hash containing key/array pairs of object properties. Each array contains id/label hashes.