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Market Research Library API

The Market Research Library API provides metadata for country and industry reports that are produced by ITA’s trade experts and are available in ITA’s online market research library. ITA commercial officers that are stationed around the world, publish these authoritative reports in conjunction with Foreign Service officers from the State Department.

The API only provides the metadata and links to the reports – not the reports themselves. The output format for this API is JSON. This data set is updated daily. Test the API using the demo search app. Be sure to sign up for an API key to get access to the API.

U.S. businesses can use these reports to plan their market-entry the right way. The reports help them learn their product’s potential in a given market and the best prospects for success.

There are three report_types categorized by country and industry:

  1. Market Research Reports
  2. Best Market Reports
  3. Country Commercial Guides

Use these reports to augment other market intelligence that you provide for your customers. For example, WebPort Global provides access to ITA’s reports alongside market research from the World Trade Center of Dublin, the World Bank Group, and the Small Business Administration.

The API provides methods for accessing the reports by country or by industry. Therefore, you can display links to specific reports depending upon which country or industry your customer is interested in. The API also provides access to two years worth of reports so you may want to use the expiration_date field to display only the most recent.

Resource URL

Search Parameters for Market Research Library


Returns market research reports for a match in the description or title fields.

https://api.trade.gov/market_research_library/search?api_key={your key}&q={keyword}



Returns market research reports for a specific country based on alpha-2 country codes. Enter multiple terms by separating with a comma.

https://api.trade.gov/market_research_library/search?api_key={your key}&countries={country code}



Returns market research reports for specific controlled industry terms or ITA Industry. Enter multiple terms by separating with a comma.

https://api.trade.gov/market_research_library/search?api_key={your key}&industries={industry names}



Returns entries based on their expiration date. Dates are filtered by comparing them against an inclusive range, which must be entered with the following format: YYYY-mm-dd TO YYYY-mm-dd. Searching on a single date can be done by entering the same value for the start and end of the range.

https://api.trade.gov/market_research_library/search?api_key={your key}&expiration_date={YYYY-mm-dd TO YYYY-mm-dd}


size + offset

The size parameter allows you to configure the number of results to be returned up to a maximum of 100. The offset parameter defines the offset from the first result you want to fetch. Unless specified the API returns 10 results at a time. Note: To download the entire Market Research Library in one call set size=-1

https://api.trade.gov/market_research_library/search?api_key={your key}&size={1 to 100}&offset={1 to n}



Last Updated and Last Imported

Recency information about each source queried is given in sources_used in the following fields:

Field Description
source The name of the issuing agency.
source_last_updated The most recent date and time the data changed.
last_imported The most recent date and time the data was imported.

The source_last_updated field reflects the most recent date and time we noticed that the issuing agency had updated the data. We check for updates and import lists at the same time daily.

Search Performed At

The search_performed_at field displays the date and time of the current search in UTC.

Return Values

Field Description
id Unique identifier assigned to the report.
country Country category(ies) assigned to the report.
description Abstract of the report’s content.
expiration_date Date when the report is no longer valid.
source_industry The industries associated with the report.
industry Industry categories assigned to the report.
report_type The report type can either be CCG, Best Market Report, or Market Research Report.
title Report title (default sort).
url URL for the report.
click_url Clickable link to the report.